Smart Helmet Accessory


Upgrade your helmet to a smart one through Inbuilt Hands-Free Navigation - so you never have to take your eyes off the road


Navisor is a one-of-a-kind, multi-cue navigation
assistant that can be embedded in any full-face
helmet to improve rider safety.

Complete Hands-Free experience

Navisor visual navigation and Navaudio audial navigation create a two-component ecosystem for a hands-free riding experience

Field of view navigation

Navisor’s Ergonomic design ensures safe peripheral navigation cues thereby ensuring seamless line of sight navigation

Cruise at your own pace

Cruise at your own pace

Supports hands-free calling upto speeds of 120 kmph

Fast Bluetooth connectivity

Navisor comes enabled with Bluetooth 5 technology enabling seamless connections to your smartphone

Full Day Battery

Go to the farthest of places without worries.

Multicolored LED Visual Cues

Navisor hosts multiple intuitive LED light indication for different scenarios on road

Product Features

Navisor is loaded with features and is a perfect companion for
your next bike trip! Some of the key features are

Video Output Capability

Retrofit ability

LED Indication

Auto brightness


Bluetooth 5.0

720p Cabin

Long-lasting battery

LED Status for checking

Rigid Helmet mount

720p Cabin


720p Cabin

Crash-Detection /SOS Sensor


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    MapmyIndia has introduced a first-of-its-kind Navisor for two-wheelers, providing navigation cues on the rider’s helmet in their peripheral

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  • times of india eloc

    MapmyIndia has launched a bunch of new Mappls gadgets for cars and two-wheelers in India, such as Smart Helmet kits and more.

  • times of india eloc

    MapmyIndia has launched a bunch of new Mappls gadgets for cars and two-wheelers in India, such as Smart Helmet kits and more.

  • times of india eloc

    MapmyIndia, a locally produced provider of advanced digital maps, has launched its latest line of Mappls Gadgets, which includes smart helmet kits for vehicles and two-wheelers as well as vehicle GPS trackers...

Technical Specifications



Long Battery Life

400mAh Rechargeable

Battery life

12 hr

Standby time


Charging time

2 hrs


Power, Brightness Control


USB-C Charging Port

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