Vehicle Tracking System

Tracker Lx14

Premium deep-installed GPS tracker for car theft prevention, driver monitoring, and car safety.


What makes Tracker Lx14 unique ?

Device unplug detection

Supports from 9-90 volts external power

Device unplug detection

Ultra light-weight and compact

Video Output Capability

Onboard memory to store data in GSM dark areas

LED Indication

Deep-installed device for vehicle security with plug & play harness

720p Cabin

Onboard battery for getting device disconnection alerts

720p Cabin

Supports remote engine cutoff with additional accessory

720p Cabin

Vehicle battery information

LED Status for checking

LED Status for checking working of the device

720p Cabin

Professional installation & support by MapmyIndia

Powered by Mappls App

India’s Super App for Maps,
Navigation, Safety, and more!

  • Live Vehicle Stats

    Real-time GPS, current speed, online/offline device status, battery status, odometer readings, and more!

  • Navigate to your vehicle

    Voice guided turn by turn directions to find your vehicle in open parking lots, streets etc.

  • Alarm Configuration & Logs

    Alarms programmed as per the user’s requirements: Ignition, Idling, Over speeding, and more!

  • Daily Travel Replay

    Daily re-playable travels from Point A to Point B, stats of where you stopped, went past a certain speed and more

  • Geofencing

    Multi Geofence creation option as a circle/ polygons

  • Vehicle Care

    Access all your relevant vehicle documents such as validity etc. directly through the Mappls App

  • Driver Calling

    Setup your driver numbers in the Care section and call directly via Mappls App

  • Easy sharing of vehicle location

    Share your vehicle's current location with your near and dear ones.

Technical Specifications


2G, Quad-band 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz

LED Status

Yes, GSM and GNSS





Operating Temperature

-20 °C to +70 °C

Input voltage range

9 - 90V DC

In the Box

2G SIM Card -Vodafone
Intouch Tracking- Annually
Warranty Card
Tie 14 inch
Tie 6-inch
QSG for Tracking Device

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