Bike Tracking System

Tracker Lx30

Vehicle Tracker for bikes to track and ensure the safety of your vehicle and loved ones.


What makes Tracker Lx30 unique ?

Video Output Capability

Voltage range 9 to 90 VDC

720p Cabin

Remote Immobilization is optional

LED Indication

Multiple Geofence Areas

LED Status for checking

Device Unplug Alert

720p Cabin

SMS/Email Alerts


Overspeeding and Undue Stoppage Alarms

720p Cabin

Real Time Location

720p Cabin

Internal Battery

720p Cabin

High Gain Internal GPS and GSM Antenna

720p Cabin

Professional installation & support by MapmyIndia

Powered by Mappls App

India’s Super App for Maps,
Navigation, Safety, and more!

  • Live Vehicle Stats

    Real-time GPS, current speed, online/offline device status, battery status, odometer readings, and more!

  • Navigate to your vehicle

    Voice guided turn by turn directions to find your vehicle in open parking lots, streets etc.

  • Alarm Configuration & Logs

    Alarms programmed as per the user’s requirements: Ignition, Idling, Over speeding, and more!

  • Daily Travel Replay

    Daily re-playable travels from Point A to Point B, stats of where you stopped, went past a certain speed and more

  • Geofencing

    Multi Geofence creation option as a circle/ polygons

  • Vehicle Care

    Access all your relevant vehicle documents such as validity etc. directly through the Mappls App

  • Driver Calling

    Setup your driver numbers in the Care section and call directly via Mappls App

  • Easy sharing of vehicle location

    Share your vehicle's current location with your near and dear ones.

Technical Specifications

GSM/GPRS features:

850/900/1800/1900 MHz


2 LED lights to show GSM and GPS

Position Accuracy:

< 5-10m

GPS Sensitivity:

Cold start: -145 dBm
Hot start: -156 dBm
Warm start: -145 dBm
Navigation: -160 dBm
Tracking: -162 dBm



Operating Temperature:

-20°C to +60°C

Internal Memory:

32MB+32 MB

Power Supply:

9 to 90V DC


5 to 95% (no condensation)




1 Digital input, 1 Digital output

In the Box

Vehicle tracking device with wiring harness
SIM card agreement
Cable tie

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