Advanced Tracker Technology

Choose from our range of reliable deep-installed or plug-and-play vehicle trackers and keep track of your loved ones when they travel solo/late at night!

Keep track of your vehicles
                        and loved ones anytime,


Keep track of your vehicles, assets, and loved ones; anytime, anywhere

Paired with the free Mappls App

  • Real-time Location
  • Geofencing Alerts
  • Over speeding & Undue Stoppage Alarms
  • Trip Replay
  • Ignition On/Off Alerts
  • Driving Behaviour

Features Comparison

Tracker x1
Tracker Lx12
Tracker Lx14
Tracker LxOB12
Compatible with
Deep Installed
Plug & Play
Plug & Play Wiring Harness*
Live position monitoring
Trips identification & distance calculation
Engine and Vehicle Status
Ignition, Geo-fencing, stoppage, Idling, Over speeding, Low external battery
Driver behaviour (Harsh acceleration/braking/cornering)
Towing Alert
Remote Engine Immobilisation
Companion App: Mappls MapmyIndia
*Requires no wire cutting and does not void warranty for Tracker x1.